Bravo Company Reunion 1/26th Vietnam 1965-1970

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Bravo Company Reunion 1/26th Vietnam 1965-1970

Postby Pat Guy » Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:13 am

:roll: Our next reunion is scheduled for Feb/Mar 2019 in Baker, Louisanna (Baton Rouge) in conjunction with Mardi Gras; our host will be Bobby "Fox" Neathery. More details as we get closer regarding hotel and reunion events--for sure a gator tour and parade watching.

Here is a rapp-up of last reunion for the guys that didn't make it---Moose, Tommy, and ? :mrgreen:

A Long Time Coming

September 21, 2014 two old Blue Spader friends met up at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC; as part of the 3rd Reunion of Bravo Company, 26th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, Vietnam. It was the first time these two guys had met since they had left the battlefields of Vietnam in 1969. Then, one was a platoon sergeant and the other a machine gunner. They had fought alongside their buddies in Lima Platoon for over six months and in their year of combat would see twenty-five of their company comrades pay the ultimate price.
Included in that sad number was Captain Russell E. Reinel, who was killed walking point for his Company. A task seldom preformed by a senior officer. As life would have it, the Captain’s wife, Pattie, was serving as a nurse in the battalion headquarters’ hospital in Lai Khe, Vietnam. When the medic-vac chopper brought her husband body in. They were Bravo Company’s Camelot couple and the Captain was greatly loved by his men for his bravery and kindness.
Russell was replaced in combat leadership by Captain William “the Pink Panther” Hoover, who was a West Point grad and knew officers did not walk point (firery red hair). The Pink Panther could have been God himself and the men would still have been reluctance to serve under his command. The solution to this impasse was the reassignment of several “ring leaders” to other Big Red One outfits; and Captain Hoover went on to lead the men of Bravo Company in many successful missions and deeds of noted heroism.
Among those reassigned, was Sgt. Harold Jones, of Richmond, Virginia, platoon leader, Lima Platoon. Harold and the Pink Panther had a differing opinion on how to assault and kill the enemy. Today they both look back on those days of disagreement with sadness and compassion for each other’s point of view. At the recent Washington reunion, Harold said “it was too bad more of his comrades” from Lima Platoon weren’t in attendance. Like all Blue Spader vets, he and machine gunner, Bill Teach” Bryan, decided to do something about it. They are currently searching old orders and GI rosters trying to locate more of their long misplaced buddies of Lima Platoon. If you would like to contact them, please do so at Bill Bryan, 802-375-6411 or Harold Jones at . :shock:

(Sgt. Jones light glass; Spec. Bryan dark glasses) Picture may not be visable
Another veteran, who made an appearance at the DC Reunion, was Sgt. Skinner, of the Bronx, New York, who regaled the veterans gather with stories of the original landing of the Big Red One in Vietnam in 1965. The some of the boys found the idea of taking a troop transport to War an interesting and preferred method of transportation to their “Big White Bird” rides courtesy of the airlines. Bobby “Fox” Neathery said, “shoot, I rather had been on a da gum ship for 3 weeks than humping the boonies.” Sgt. Montez agreed. It was interesting too hear the men tell of their differing “levels of combat” depending on the year they served in Vietnam. The fighting went from NVA battalion confrontations to Viet Cong search and destroy missions over the six years Bravo Company was station in Vietnam, mainly in the Iron Triangle battle field area.

(Fox in red shirt and Montez in blue) Picture may not be visable
A highlight for the Neathery’s, Mary Jo and Bobby, was the happen chance sighting of the President’s Motor Cade going roaring down 14th Street. They we’re unable to see the President, given the widows were blacked out and the sped of the motor cade; but Mary Jo said “it is impressive just to see how Our Commander and Chief travels around town.” Other highlights of the reunion were a “walking tour of Arlington National Commentary” the back way conducted by rifleman Guy; viewing the play “Shear Madness” at the Kennedy Center, a tour of Ford’s theater, and more museums and monuments than some of the boys could walk—they had to take taxi back to hotel.
For the most part the Veterans found Washington, a town, which was very easy to get around with the use of the Metro System and their two feet. The people were very friendly and the troops concluded their stay with a Sunday memorial service at the Capitol Hill Baptist Church, along with a brunch at Mount Vernon, George Washington home place.
The Bravo Company’s next reunion is schedule for March 2019 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in conjunction with Mardi Gras celebrations in Baker Louisiana. Watch the Blue Spader wesite and the Blue Spader Newsletter for more details regarding upcoming reunion as time goes by. :o
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