John (Jack) F. Keyes

Memorials and tributes to our Big Red One veterans who have passed away.
"But The First Division will never die in the memory of a gallant people. For them it will march forever. March on then, First Division; march over the hills of sunny France; march through the flaming towns of Picardy; up the shell-swept slopes of the Lorraine; thru the gas-filled forest of The Argonne; on into everlasting glory."
Colonel Robert R. McCormick 5th Field Artillery, World War I

John (Jack) F. Keyes

Postby Digger » Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:12 pm

John (Jack) F. Keyes
Lima Platoon
D/2/16, 1st Inf Div
DOD 10/21/15

I received this note this morning, 10/28/15, from Marcia Keyes:
Dear Don, This reply is from John's wife with some bad news. John passed away on Tuesday, October 21 from pneumonia complications. He had a great time with you guys and was glad to make the trek even though he was pretty sick at the time. He did appreciate how you kept in touch all these years. His service will be on Saturday and I'm investigating the possibility of getting his ashes to Arlington. I think he deserves that honor for all he suffered. You can reach me at my email:
My response:
I am saddened and stunned by the news of Jack’s death. I had no idea that he was ill. He gave no indication.
Jack stayed at our house in 1992 during out 3rd Delta Reunion and got a kick out of our then 8 year old. He made it in 1996 but did not return again until just this year in Texas.
He will be missed by the kids he taught and coached, the employees he worked with and by the comrades of Delta Company with whom he fought, suffered and finally rejoiced.
Arlington should most definitely be his final resting be among the heroes of our nation.
Please accept our most sincere condolences.
“Our nation is in mourning. A soldier died today.”

Jack and I sailed to Vietnam on the U.S.N.S. Geiger arriving July 21, 1967 and served in D/2/16. When a tank he was riding on hit a mine, Jack was thrown off and the tank landed on him, taking off his leg. This occurred in January 1968 just before TET. RIP Jack.
Don Dignan
D/2/16, 1st Inf Div
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