Mancil Fairman

Memorials and tributes to our Big Red One veterans who have passed away.
"But The First Division will never die in the memory of a gallant people. For them it will march forever. March on then, First Division; march over the hills of sunny France; march through the flaming towns of Picardy; up the shell-swept slopes of the Lorraine; thru the gas-filled forest of The Argonne; on into everlasting glory."
Colonel Robert R. McCormick 5th Field Artillery, World War I

Mancil Fairman

Postby Bumgarner » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:22 pm

We lost another great Black Lion this week : Mancil Fairman. He was a SFC. when I knew him in Charlie Company 2nd/28th. 1967. For a while he was the 3rd. Platoon Leader and was better than any Lt. ever thought about being. May he rest in peace. A fine soldier and a good man. Last time I saw him was at the Black Lions reunion in Ft. Jackson I think it was year 2000.
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