Movie Berlin Wall

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Movie Berlin Wall

Postby Berlin fpl » Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:27 am

This is my favorite Hollywood movie set in Berlin during the time I was there back in 1962-63. It brings back a lot of mememories to the vets who were there at that time. The ending is brutal which depicts the fate of some of those who tried to escape to the western sector at that time. It is filmed in Black and White, which is as it should be depicting the mood of the city at that time. The name of the movie is "The Spy who came in from the Cold" starring Richard Burton. It is on the retro tv channel on U-verse TV in my area today. It really shows what the city was like at that time in history. It is especially true for me at this time of the year. One of the worst days of my life occurred on October 8th 1962 in the American sector of the Berlin at the Spree River. An east german patrol boat shot a young male trying to swim to freedom across the river to the American Sector. A small crowd of west Berliners had gathered and were watching his attempt. When he was shot the crowd became angry and one middle aged Frau starting shouting at me in german do something. I was there with my M60 machine gun and couldn't prevent it. We were under orders no firing back unless dirrectly fired upon pending courtmartial a return to the Western Zone and possible prison time in Leavanworth Federal Prison back in Kansas. No international incidents. Of course the crowd did not know this. There I was 19 years old. It came back to haunt me years later. I started having trouble and night reliving that incident. I would toss and turn and sometimes tears would fall. It got so back, that my wife insisted I go back to Berlin. So I fly back to Berlin in August 2006 for the BUSMVA Berlin Reunion. It was my first time back and as we were on our landing approach we flew over mcnair barracks and I remember seeing the clock tower. I thought at that time it was a sign from the Lord that I should be coming back. I went with a retired Berlin Police officer that I knew to that same place on the Spree River where the incident occurred. I excused myself and went to a large boulder that was still there a memorial to the unknown escaper. The words were in german painted and invgraved on the rock surace. I put a hand on the rock and said a prayer to the man above for forgiveness. It was a very emotional moment for me. When I got back I still have the memory come back at night or some other time of day but they starting not showing up that oftern. I would just say the word reload and they would fade away. Of course the memory is still there in my subconcious and will be until the day I die. I am stronger that any Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome and have not had any more problems with it. If I suffered with it at all. I have tried to be a good man to my wife and kids and my friends and family. I only hope the Lord has forgiven me and will allow me to pass through the Pearley Gates into Heaven when my time comes. :cry: Fred S. BRO ... aid=zap2it
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